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HealthFrame is a useful tool that installs two applications on your computer that help you manage your medical history: HealthFrame Explorer, and HealthFrame Visor.

The first application works as a browser; you can complete the forms and create your medical record and that of your family, having several pages open at the same time. You can include your personal information and emergency contacts, besides other specifications, like allergies you might have, medicines you are immune to, and any particularly healthy or unhealthy habits.

With HealthFrame, you can carry your files in a USB drive and have them with you at all times; it's really useful, mainly because all the graphs that give you information about cholesterol level, blood pressure, weight, and a calendar where you can write down dates for tests, vaccinations, and other treatments. This can be specially helpful if you go on a trip or move to a different country.

On the other hand, HealthFrame is aimed at health professionals, or users who have their medical history on a document, so you can open any medical record in CCR format, or in HealthFrame's own format.

Trial version works for 15 days.

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